Richard Milligan – Canton City School Board Candidate

Richard Milligan is looking to voters to re-elect him as Canton City School Board Member – 1st Sub District.

The 63-year-old Milligan is the incumbent, currently serving his 16th year as a member of the Canton City School board.

He graduated from Lehman High School, as well as Kenyon College, BA; and the University of Akron School of Law, JD.

He is married with four children all of whom have now graduated from Canton City Schools.

Milligan told he hopes voters will again trust him with the duties of the job.

“Part of the reason I’ve been doing this is because my kids have been in the district and because I felt I offered some perspective that was helpful,” said Milligan. “With the graduation of my fourth child, I felt that was not reason to walk away.”

He noted the challenge the district currently faces is trying to capture all the students that enter the Canton City School District and bring them up to a proficient level.

Milligan suggested this is an even harder task within a poorer district such as Canton City.

When asked how he hoped to conquer that task, he highlighted several accomplishments he’s played a role in over the course of his time on the board:

-The district expanded a summer school program that now has 500 students

“To bridge the gap that we know occurs when students walk out of the door in May and don’t come back until August,” said Milligan.

-Emphasized early reading

-Emphasized early child interventions

“Prior kindergarten we can, along with our community partners, be engaged with families to better prepare those young people for coming into our system,” he added.

Milligan went on to explain that this is a critical time for public schools.

“The challenges are many. We live in an economy that is ever-changing,” described Milligan. “When I graduated from high school from Canton City Schools I expected to get a job and hold that job for the rest of my career. But, today the challenges facing graduates in terms of having a career are many.”

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  1. Canton City schools are and have been going in the wrong direction for 16 years .. No more Lawyers and lets put new blood into place .. Educators are what we need not smooth talking secretive Lawyers #parentsagainstadrianallisson

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