Robert Schilling – Candidate for Northwest Local School Board of Education

A long-time local resident is looking to voters to name him as a member of the Northwest Local School Board of Education.

Robert Schilling has been a member of the community for over 40 years and has seen four of his five children graduate from the district and is preparing for his fifth to graduate in May 2018.

“I am vested in this school district,” explained Schilling.

Schilling noted that while he doesn’t feel he has anything that would necessarily make him more qualified than anyone else to serve on the school board, he does bring with him useful business and professional experience.

“I’ve got years of business experience in the industrial world and I think that’s important on a school board to get different insights,” explained Schilling. “We do have some former educators on our school board, which I think it’s important. I do feel that it’s nice to get a well-balanced school and get input from different walks of life.”

While Schilling has never served in an elected position, he noted he has served on multiple levy committees for the school district and been a part of various booster clubs and support mechanisms. Many of them he added, involved the sports teams his children have played on.

Schilling detailed a few areas of importance to him should he win the November 7th election.

He explained he believes the Northwest Local School District is great and heading in the right direction, but noted he is hopeful to get an opportunity to help continue that.

“Being a voice for that as far as the direction it’s heading in and I want to make sure that our district keeps up with the times,” said Schilling. “I would like to see a greater emphasis on keeping our kids away from those things that many districts fall into as far as the drugs and the alcohol and premarital sex and things that can totally ruin their life before they even make it out of school.”

While he is eager for the chance to serve on the Board of Education, Schilling noted he would be pleased and satisfied if any of the three candidates are elected.

“I have complete faith whether it’s in myself or the other gentlemen, whom I all know personally. I think the school district will be well served.”

Michaela Madison Reporting


Victor Colaianni

Bruce L. Beadle – Did not return a message seeking comment.

Jim Gindlesberger – Phone number provided by BOE was nonworking and no Facebook contact available. 


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