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Organization Shares Preventative Tips and Information Amid Diabetes Awareness Month

Healthychildren.org by the American Academy of Pediatrics is bringing attention to diabetes, especially childhood diabetes amid the awareness campaign this month.

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Tuscarawas County JFS Stresses the Importance of Adoptive and Foster Families

November is Adoption Awareness Month and the director of Tuscarawas County Job and Family Services is highlighting the importance of families who choose to love children in need.

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Today is World Prematurity Day.

I am beyond grateful that we live in a world where it is possible for a 26-week old baby boy weighing 24 ounces at birth to become a 36-lb wild and crazy curly-haired kid who loves books, has never met a stranger, adores preschool, and has a heart bigger and brighter than the sun. It’s the stuff miracles are made of.

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What No One Told Me About Life After the NICU

While you’re in the NICU, they tell you there will be ups and downs, setbacks and good days and bad. But, what isn’t discussed as much is the overwhelming feelings you get after you leave the NICU.

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