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Creating a Culture of Unbulliable Children

“If you go to the zoo and you go up to the lion and you flick him in the nose and tell him he’s a kitten, [he’s going to bite you] because he knows he’s a lion.”

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When Students with Disabilities Become Bullying Targets

A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests students with disabilities are more likely to become bullying targets.

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‘Report a Bully’: Area School District Launches Online Tool

A school district in the small town of Sherrodsville is doing big things in an effort to curb bullying in schools.

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Study Published by StopBullying.gov Suggests Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders at Heightened Risk of Bullying

According to the abstract of Preventing Social Victimization of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), authors outline the issue at hand and make several recommendations when approaching the issue.

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Study Suggests Weight is More a Bullying Factor for Boys  

A recent study published by StopBullying.gov indicates weight may slightly increase the presence of bullying among boys more than girls.

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There’s Always More to the Story

Newscasts are speckled with the stories of children who take their own lives because of bullying and peer pressure. Sure we read them, shed a tear on behalf of the mother and stare deeply into the pictures of these once happy children. Read more

Victims of Bullying Twice as Likely to Bring Weapon to School

A recent study that surveyed teens suggests those who face bullying are more likely to bring a weapon to school.

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AAP and the Obesity Society Address the Social and Emotional Impact of Weight Stigma on Children and Teens

According to national agencies, for children who have overweight or obesity, stigma and discrimination can add to their health problems and harm their quality of life, making them feel isolated, embarrassed and sad.

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New Campaign Encourages Young People to ‘Be Present’ for Others in Need of Mental, Emotional Support

 The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is setting out to help those experiencing one of the toughest times in a person’s life, adolescence.

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