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The Kind Heart of a Child

At times it takes just a simple, heartwarming moment to remind you of the real meaning of Christmas.

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A Brave Year of FirstsĀ 

I worried. Gosh, did I worry. For months I was overwhelmed with the decision of where to send my son to Kindergarten…

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Toys: They’re Totally for the Baby…

Bouncy, squishy, squeaky and colorful. Baby toys are definite attention grabbers, and I think that’s the point.

They are made to draw a baby in and get those little wheels turning. But…what happens when mom or dad get mesmerized by the mirrors and silky tags?

Okay, so maybe it isn’t so much that as it is just pure excitement to see baby play with something new…but whatever it is, I find myself often getting way more excited about new baby toys…than baby.

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