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There is No Script: Your Teen and Marijuana

In Tuscarawas County, the Anti-Drug Coalition is working to share information with parents and guardians about how to talk to teens about marijuana.

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The Time Is Now – Talk to Your Kids About the Dangers of Substance Use

Does your child know you’d be disappointed if they drank alcohol, smoked marijuana or abused prescription medication? Are you certain they truly understand the risk?

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Kids in the Crossfire – Drug Epidemic

I’ve always loved to run, it’s kind of a short little escape from reality for me but a few days ago reality smacked me right in the face. As I looked down I saw a syringe laying on the side of the road not far from my house.

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Police Post Picture: Man, Woman Overdose on Heroin with 4-Year Old in the Backseat!

An Ohio Police Department is getting a lot of attention after posting a picture that depicts the reality of the state’s heroin epidemic.

East Liverpool Police Chief, John Lance, says people need to see that this problem goes much deeper than the needle in the addict’s arm.


(The grandmother, who has custody of the child, and a man of no relation to the child, passed out due to a heroin overdose while driving along a busy road in East Liverpool, Ohio. Also, a school bus was stopped to board children right in front of them)

Chief Lance says unfortunately the leaders in this country aren’t even talking about it.

The department posted the picture to the city’s Facebook page. It has received both positive and negative feedback, but Chief Lance says they have no regrets.

The child was reportedly released to the care of another relative.