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It’s Just One of Those Days


It’s a Monday in every sense of the word. I woke up late, still didn’t want to get up, got all the kids dressed and ready. Took a quick 8-minute shower (5 for the body 3 for the hair lol) threw on a dress and headed out the door. Of course, I was running late (which in my world is usually ‘on time’ for most people). Prayed over my kids, scraped my side mirror backing out and was 1 minute late for work.

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Grace IS Enough


They cannot see my heart beats, but each beat is for them.-Grace IS Enough

You name it, sugar, flour, popcorn, fruit snacks, granola bars and then some all on the floor at the same time, and not because I don’t clean my house but because the twins have turned a page in their development where they like to eat and they raid the kitchen now. The condiments (sugar and flour) are for recreational play time the others are for them to take with them as they watch movies all over the house.

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My Mother’s Daughter: A Multi-Generational Love Letter

I will never forget when the ultrasound tech spoke the fateful words: It’s a girl. As the wand moved over my abdomen, my heart pumped out of my chest. I was not at all surprised, but I burst into tears just the same.
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