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AAP Recommended Immunization Schedules

The American Academy of Pediatrics is known to support and encourage immunizations in children. The final decision rests in the hands of the parents and caregivers, but here you will find the recommended immunization schedule published by Healthychildren.org.

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MOMFESSION: First-Time Mom…Syndrome.

Washing every piece of clothing three times before baby can come within 10 feet of it…

Reading every baby article that exists regarding teething, sleepless nights…and um…poo…

Refusing to leave baby with anyone. Not even your own mother (who managed to keep you alive)…

Considering stock in hand sanitizer…

And rushing LO to the ER at the slightest sign of illness…

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WARNING: Rise in Norovirus Cases in Ohio

Cases of the Norovirus are on the rise in Northeast Ohio.

Director of Nursing with the Tuscarawas County Health Department, Amy Kaser, says although they are not related, the Norovirus does share some symptoms with the flu.

Kaser adds the Norovirus is highly contagious.

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To Immunize or Not to Immunize!

Immunizations: are you putting your child in MORE danger or protecting them AGAINST it? Now that kids are back in the classroom the focus is once again on immunizations. Some argue the benefits don’t outweigh the risks and therefore we are seeing more and more parents opting out of vaccinations.

Amanda Cohn is a Pediatrician with the Center for Disease Control and she focuses primarily on immunizations. As a mother herself, she says if there’s a way to prevent her children from getting sick…it’s the obvious choice.

Cohn adds that there seems to be a common misconception when parents opting out of vaccines  believe the decision only affects their child.

Cohn says that although a hot topic right now, only about 1% of the population in the United States that is unvaccinated. She recommends that parents do some research and talk to their child’s pediatrician before making the decision not to vaccinate.