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Sheriff Spends Time With Stark County Toddler

“He loves police officers.”

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Sheriff Rescues Children from Partially Submerged Vehicle.

Law enforcement officials in Stark County, Ohio portray true heroism as they jump into action to save two children trapped in a vehicle that crashed into a creek.

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Mother Charged With Child’s Murder

An Ohio mother is accused of fatally beating her 5-year-0ld daughter.

In Stark County the Jackson Township Police Department was called to a Ang’s Asian Cuisine on January 9th. The owners of the restaurant reported that their daughter, Ashley Zhao was missing.


They explained that the little girl went to the back of the business to take a nap at around 5:00 p.m. When her mother went to check on her roughly 4 hours later, the child was gone.

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Little Girl’s Dream Brings Hope to an Ohio Police Department

A 6 year old girl’s dream is instilling hope in those wearing a badge. Caityln has been a friend of the Massillon, Ohio Police Department for a couple of years now. With a dream to one day join the force, the little girl reminds the department each time she visits that they are making a positive impact.

Sgt. Brian Muntean joined another officer in fulfilling the little girl’s birthday wish, which was to have real-life officers at her 6th birthday party. And this past weekend Officer Caityln got just that.

The little girl didn’t sport a princess dress and a crown, but rather a police uniform complete with a badge. She also, was apparently on duty.

Muntean says it is inspiring to see someone so young with a dream to make a positive difference by way of becoming a police officer.

Happy Birthday Officer Caitlyn!



(Caitlyn’s birthday present from the Massillon, Ohio Police Department)