This is Public Health – They are trying to hook your kids

Experts are sending a warning to parents: Big tobacco is trying to hook your kids.

This is Public Health is brought to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

According to, when cigarettes were popular, tobacco companies learned how to get teens hooked. They knew cigarettes would kill their customers, so they needed more people to replace those who died. Teens were the best customers because they could get hooked early and stay customers for life. To keep people craving their products, tobacco companies made the nicotine stronger. They also added fun flavors and tried to make cigarettes look cool to kids by using cartoons and animals in their ads.

The website goes on to say, now vaping companies use the same tricks that cigarette companies used. Interesting flavors, colorful packaging — it’s all a trick to get you to try their products.

Look for clues that you’re being targeted!

Locally, the Tuscarawas County Health Department has resources, handouts, and free educational workshops that they can provide to help by calling 330-343-5555 ext. 111.

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