Victor Colaianni – Candidate for Northwest Local School Board of Education

A resident of Canal Fulton for 19 years and former city council member is now seeking voter support in the race for Northwest Local School Board of Education.

Colaianni is currently a supply chain and logistics manager for a company based in Fairlawn, Ohio and served on the Canal Fulton City Council from 2004-2007.

Victor Colaianni and his wife have a child currently enrolled in the school district and he explained he has a vested interest for running for a seat on the board.

He noted that is what makes him a great candidate for the position.

“Currently no sitting board member in our school district has a child enrolled in the schools,” he explained. “Our son is a third generation student in the Northwest District and I really feel that when you have 2,200 students in the schools, I think it’s very important that you have a parent on the board. That gives a more fair representation of the population of the district.”

Colaianni noted three areas that would be top of mind for him should he be elected.

“On the latest report card or rankings that the state of Ohio did, Northwest was number four in Stark County as far as academics go. I truly believe that we could be number one, and I’d like to assist in that process,” he explained.

Another priority Colaianni explained to, is the upcoming retirement eligibility of up to 24 teachers within the district.

“It’s very important that if we want our students to be taught by the best and brightest that we need to start some proactive and succession planning now,” said Colaianni. “So, when those teachers do decide to retire, if they do in that 10-15 year period, we’ve got sort of a pipeline or methodology in place to replace them with the best and brightest to teach our kids.”

And the third goal for Colaianni would be to be a part of maintaining the current financial success of the district.

“Maybe getting a little bit creative as far as different things to fund our local district rather than just a general property tax.”

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Bob Schilling

Bruce L. Beadle – Did not return a message seeking comment.

Jim Gindlesberger –  Phone number provided by BOE was nonworking and no Facebook contact available. 

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