Nicole Herrera

Greetings! I am so incredibly excited to be joining this team of thoughtful, passionate, and smart mothers as we grow our online community. I will do my best to add a unique perspective to the conversation and share my triumphs (sometimes), mistakes (always), and reflections (gotta learn from those mistakes!)


I am a mother of two mischievous, strong-willed, and impossibly gorgeous children, Mateo and Lucia. My husband, Peter, and I are striving to raise thoughtful, resilient, and kind people in a world that is simultaneously wondrous and cruel. The past year has been especially difficult for us, but we are resolved to do our part to make this world better by raising good human beings. Our guiding parenting principle is to teach them to be kind, find the good, and stand up for what is right, especially when it’s difficult.


Mateo and Lucia keep busy with sports year round. They both play soccer, basketball, and baseball and I coach most of their teams. Coaching is my joy and the court or field are my happy places; our teams become family and my players, my adopted kids.


Adjacent to and often overlapping with coaching, education is my life passion. I am a lifelong teacher and learner. I’ve been told that I begin most conversations with, “I recently read this article that said…” As a college professor, I am fortunate to meet impressive and inspiring people every semester. My students have shaped, stretched, and cultivated my world-view as they share their stories and experiences. As a writing teacher, I encourage them to be curious, thoughtful, and authentic.  I tell them that the most important question they can ask themselves is, “Could I be wrong?” We write to share our unique perspectives, but also to learn and invent new ideas. I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to practice what I teach as I write for Newsymom.


My life is filled to the brim with mom duties, work responsibilities, practices, games, and line-ups, not to mention working on keeping a healthy marriage! It’s all a bit overwhelming at times, but most days I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling with people who prove my mom right: my heart has no limit on its capacity to love and I will never stop learning.  Writing for Newsymom is an opportunity that I will relish and is a perfect compliment to the moving parts of my life: education, work, coaching, and, of course, motherhood.



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