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Newsymom.com is a unique news and information resource designed specifically for mothers. We offer both blog-like materials as well as credible news and information from valid sources.

News, Closings, and Research categories featured on Newsymom.com provide credible information from reliable resources in an objective manner. We do not look to promote, or discredit sources or information published within these categories, but rather to inform our readers.

Within our Activities, Tips, and Tips for Parents categories our readers will find both recommendations made by the Newsymom.com team as well as those made by other organizations including but not limited to the American Academy of Pediatrics or the Ohio Department of Education. The source of the recommendation is clearly stated in each article.

Newsymom.com also features editorial/opinionated content within our Momfessions, Partners, and Recipes categories. Each Newsymom.com Author, Contributor or Partner, is given free reign to discuss any topic top of mind through any tone and/or stance. The thoughts and opinions of Authors, Contributors or Partners do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of Newsymom.com as an organization.

Additionally, within the ‘Affiliate Endorsement’ category, members of the Newsmom.com team will work with affiliate organizations to promote events and products they believe in and support. Each promotion is made by specific members of the Newsymom.com team and should not be considered a representation of support from Newsymom.com as an organization or be seen as having any influence on objective articles published on Newsymom.com.

Newsymom.com also provides event calendars for Stark and Tuscarawas Counties based on event resources provided to the Newsymom.com team and submissions from organizations and businesses.

Any information provided on Newsymom.com is accurate and true to the best of the publisher’s knowledge, however; please note there may be omissions, errors or mistakes.

The information provided on Newsymom.com is for informational and/or entertainment purposes and should not be seen as any kind of professional advice.

While made up of mothers, the Newsymom.com team does not claim to be experts in the medical, health, parenting, or any other profession. The information provided on Newsymom.com should not be seen as professional advice unless indicated within our objective categories (News, Closings, Research), at which time the professional source of the information will be indicated. Additionally, we ask that readers recognize that information published by Newsymom.com Partners may also feature professional advice at which time the source of the information will be provided within the article. However; neither Newsymnom.com or any members of the Newsymom.com team claim to be experts in any professions that may be featured on Newsymom.com

The Newsymom.com management team reserves the right to change how we manage or run Newsymom.com or the content provided at any time.