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Newsymom has Free Weekly Family Fun Forecasts to help stay in the know about events in Tuscarawas and Stark- Sign Up for Yours!

Don’t let the kids miss out on Local events!

Stay in the know and make family memories, keep up on the news, lifestyle and local deals!

We cover all Family Fun in:

Continuing education outside of the classroom and into the community is part of a parent’s responsibility.

Newsymom LogoDevelop:

  • Communication Skills
  • Gross Motor Motion
  • Academic Knowledge
  • Social Etiquette
  • Adaptive skills (putting own coat on, tying skates, finding a public restroom and using it appropriately)
  • Fine motor Development

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    Belden Village – Newsymom Playdates – Newsymom -Sponsored By

    New Towne Mall- Newsymom Playdates – Newsymom

The 2nd Friday of each month at 11:00 am- choose which Mall is closest to you and go have fun at these FREE Playdates!

Moms Meet Up Coming to New Towne Mall!

Morning meet-ups sponsored by Campbell Creek Pretzels offering free coffee & snacks in the morning!

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