Miranda Emig

I love newsymom!!! Love reading your humorous and heart warming stories.

Mandy Porter

I think you're amazing! I love reading these and honestly didn't realize it was you until recently! How talented you are!!!!!!!!!

Mallory Deetz

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the everyday “Mom life”, it’s nice to unwind for a moment on a relatable and user friendly page. Newsymom helps keep me up to date on local news while bringing humorous and heart warming stories that touch the heart! Keep up the wonderful work, I truly enjoy your page! 😘💪🏽

Leslie Roop

Keeps me motivated and reminds me I am not alone💜💜💜 Newsy Moms Are AWESOME💜💜💜

Julie Linard

I love that Newsymom keeps us informed of fun, local events that we can enjoy with our children.

Jennifer Dixon

Love it . Absolutely amazing and real

Beth Goodwin

I really enjoy the articles and humor you bring to being a mom. It’s tough and nice to know others go through it to

Marsha Harrington

I love Newsymom! It's nice to see that there are other moms that go through the same thing I do. The articles are great and they either bring a smile to my face or a tear to my eye. You girls make my heart smile!

Marissa Marshall

 They hit the nail on the head!

Tina Winkler-Kochte

I love reading newsymom!! Real stories from real moms.

Tiffany Schweitzer

I feel like it’s a group that is empowering moms and helping us maintain our sanity, no matter how little we have 😉 I love the information that’s provided because it keeps me informed of big things going on in the community and fun things too. The fun articles help me feel like my life isn’t as crazy as it feels sometimes, other moms are enduring it too! I love what this group is all about. I support 100% ❤️

Christina Blackburn-Stevens

I love reading the articles posted. A great source for new or experienced moms! Thank you 😊

Janelle Cline

I try to read all of them! Such good stories that I can't totally relate too! ❤️

Becky Pratt

Love Newsymom! Great articles that so many of us can relate to!

Newsymom Reader

I really enjoy the articles on Newsymom because I can relate to many of them. Love to see ones where moms are coming up with new things to help other moms!

Newsymom Reader

I think a lot of people can relate to the everyday lives of the newsymoms, and take comfort in the fact that we are not alone. All so often we feel defeated or like we are failing as parents. And to read an article that someone else has the same everyday struggles as we do, give us confidence that 'we got this'!

Nikki Myers

Amazing page where every Mom can come together with other moms for support, guidance, and friendship.�

Ciara Harshey

Love reading and hearing about other moms going g thru the same things!! Great resource and love that it's local! Great job!!!

Ashlee Sluutz

Love the hometown news, and articles from local moms.

Wendy Mann

Love the positive hometown news. Such an inspiration.

Terrie Calhoun

What a wonderful organization formed by a fabulous and fantastic group of intelligent and inspiring Moms! I learn something new every day! Keep on keepin' on Newsymoms!