Moms Meet Up Coming to New Towne Mall

Free Moms Meet Up Coming to New Towne Mall on the 1st Monday of the month starting 3/7/22 at 10 am- all Moms are welcome!

✨Newsymom is proud to team up with New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia (Tuscarawas County) to launch the Free monthly Mom Meetup program!
🎉Mom Meetups, coordinated by Newsymom Representative, Mary Stevenson, will take place on the 1st Monday at 10:00 am beginning 3/7/22- in front of the children’s play area at New Towne Mall every month through the end of 2022.
Check out the event on  here!
👉🏽👉🏻👉The casual, conversation-based groups are designed to bring local mothers together to talk, listen, and support each other in the shared motherhood journey.
🎈More information on those meetings can be found here: Meetup-Belden Village Mall-Newsymom-Ohio-Tuscarawas County

Mary Stevenson has been married to the love of her life for 30 years and is the proud mama of 10 children, one of whom is in Heaven. In addition to their large family, and with a strong belief that children are a gift from God, Mary and her husband have been foster parents for 11 years and have also adopted.
Mary enjoys gardening on her family homestead, canning and preserving food, and quilting. Her passion is to teach other moms the joy of motherhood.
“We all have different family dynamics,” explained Mary. “But, everyone can experience the true joy of motherhood.”

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