10 Activities to do With Your 6-12-Month-Old


Mom Face1.) Make silly faces! This should earn you plenty of silly faces in return and lots and lots of giggles. It also allows baby to learn and remember your face!

2.) Blow bubbles! This will grab baby’s attention and cleanup is a breeze!

3.) Read books! The benefits are endless, and it creates a perfect opportunity for snuggles!

4.) Sing songs! Rock back-and-fourth with baby while you hum and sing, and he/she just may mimic you! Can you say Kodak moment?

5.) Crawl through tunnels! This will allow baby to be adventurous and engage his/her curiosity.

child-1864718_6406.) Build towers – and knock them down! You’re sure to get a few giggles out of this one. The mess will TOTALLY be worth it!

7.) Bath time! It is actually really great for baby’s senses not to mention splashing, and bubbles are sure to crack a few smiles.

8.) Make Music! Your ears will only be ringing for a short while, but the memories will last a lifetime!

child-3046494_6409.) Play with Sensory Books!

10.) Pull out the Playdough! This is another great sensory activity that’s so much fun. Just keep an eye on that little one to make sure it doesn’t become a snack.

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