10 books that teach young children about diversity, inclusion, and equality

Our nation is again facing division following the events that have taken place over the last week. How do we talk about these important issues with our young children?

According to childrenscommunityschool.org children begin to perceive race even before their first birthday. According to researchers, this means work to instill nonbias in society begins at home, early on, with parents and caregivers introducing concepts of representation and inclusivity early and often.

We also know, according to research, one of the easiest ways to teach a child and move their development forward is by reading to them. So, why not combine the two? But, unfortunately, a 2019 study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that there are more children’s books that include animals as main characters than there are with Black, Asian, Latinx, or Indigenous characters.

With this challenge in mind, Popsugar released a list of 22 books recommended to teach our young children about these important, but big issues. Here at Newsymom, we’ve pulled our top 10 favorites from that list. Popsugar has also compiled a list of books we can read as parents to better educate ourselves on these important topics.

Here are our top picks for books to read to our young children.

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