10 Ways to Save on the Cost of Gardening

With flowers starting to bloom, it’s time for to start thinking about gardens. Try these tips to cut the cost of gardening and save money!

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One way to celebrate springtime is to start a garden.

It’s a great way to connect with nature and teach your children about the growth cycles. No matter if you’re a seasoned or new gardener, you’ll find out that gardens can be expensive. Between buying plants, soil, and the upkeep, you can be sowing the spending seeds.

Yet, there’s way to cut those costs and stick to your budget. Check out these 10 ideas that can help you save money on gardening this year.

1. Use seeds instead of established plants.

Growing vegetables and herbs from seeds can save you a lot of money. It also means you’re going to put a lot of time and love in too.

There’s a huge price difference between paying for this two. If you have the patience to start sprouting your seeds indoors, you can save and spend money on other essentials in your garden.

2. Make your own compost.

It may seem like a difficult endeavor, but making your compost is beneficial.

Not only does it keep food out of the landfill, your plants love it. Plus, you realize that the food you didn’t eat is being eaten… by plants!

3. Save seeds.

Another way to save on plants is to save and store seeds from the previous year.

When doing this, you know how big the plants got and where they came from. It’s a good tradition to start collection your family’s seeds and using them again for the next year.

4. Hold a plant or seed swap.

Plant or seed swaps give you the opportunity to get plants you might not have easily found beforehand. It’s a great way to save on the plants or herbs that you’ve always wanted.

Also, these swaps are a great way to meet like-minded, new friends!

5. Use recycled products.

There are many ways to up-cycle old products.

If you’re starting seeds indoors, use newspapers to plant them in. As the seed and roots get bigger, the newspaper will deteriorate and give your plants the well needed room.

6. Split a load of mulch.

When you buy items in bulk, it costs less money. The same is true for mulch!

If you can split a load of mulch with a family or friend, you can save money. Use what you need for your garden and it’s a positive experience.

7. Use cooking water to fertilize plants.

Don’t go and buy a ton of fertilizer, there’s a huge chance you have some in your household.

One great DIY fertilizer is unsalted, cooking water. All you have to do is finish making whatever food is in the pot, clean the utensils off, and water with this fertilizer like normal.

8. Reuse cardboard boxes.

Did you know that if you lay cardboard boxes down, weeds can’t get back up?

All you have to do is lay out the cardboard how you’d like. Then slit holes or large lines to encourage the growth you want. The weight and cover of the cardboard will make sure there’s no weeds that get through.

9. Use vinegar.

Vinegar has so many amazing household uses. It’s just a great for a garden too.

The best way to use vinegar in a garden is a a pest deterrent. Although it won’t kill them instantly, it will keep them away!

10. Don’t impulse buy.

Whenever you’re at the plant store, try your hardest to stick with the plants you have now. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a large amount of plants

If you follow these 10 tips, you’ll have a successful gardening season and summer!

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