4 Ways To Ease Stress When Working From Home

Working from home can be amazing, but it can also be stressful. Especially when you have a lot to do, and it feels as though you are trapped in your home.

The worst thing about working from home is that you have nowhere to escape when you feel stressed. Office stress can be left in the office, with your home used as an emotional escape to relax and forget about things. How can you do this when your home is your office?!

Here are a few tips that can help you ease stress when you’re working from home, and they work surprisingly well!

Go for walks

Feeling stressed? Get up and go for a walk! It gets you out of the house – and out of your home office – letting you enjoy the benefits of fresh air. Walking for 10-20 minutes can be all you need to clear your head and feel more relaxed. It’s a good way to slip these little breaks into your schedule to decompress both your mind and body from working at your desk all day. 

Set finishing times

Working from home means you can have your own schedule, but this is a blessing and a curse. It’s a good idea to set yourself some finishing times in the day to aim for. If you say you will stop working at 4 pm, you get the mental release of finishing work and doing something else. Most people get stressed as they just think they have to work all the time at home. This is not the case; you need a rest, so set finishing times to let you know when work ends and relaxation can begin. 

Use coloring books

A great way to destress is to do things that will take your mind off the reasons you’re stressed. When you’re working from home, it helps if these activities are accessible and easy for you to do. Thus, you should start buying and using adult coloring books. You can find more here to see what they’re like, but they basically include patterns and drawings that you can color in with pencils. It is strangely relaxing and will take your mind off of everything that’s causing stress. Again, you can use this for a mental break during work, but it’s also great as an after-work activity to unwind. 

Separate work from not work

The reason so many people get stressed when working from home is that there’s no separation between working and not working. However, you can easily do this by creating an area in your home that is specifically for work. This could be a home office in the spare room, your garage, or even the corner of a room. The point is that you only work there, and it means you can mentally detach yourself from work at the end of every day. You save your living room and bedroom for relaxing, so you have the separation in your mind, making it much easier to destress. If you work in your bedroom on your bed, you only ever associate your bedroom with work, so it’s hard to relax. 

The next time you feel stressed when working from home, try these four tactics. They will help you unwind, decompress, and feel much less stressed while working. 


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