A Prayer for the Mother of a Kindergartener

Lord, I thank you for our children and the beautiful. innocent, little souls that you have created.

I pray you would continue to protect our babies.

Even though they have long curls now and can do lots of things by themselves, when I look at them I still see those tiny babies I fell in love with that gave me the greatest job on earth, being called Mom. Protect their little ears and eyes from things that are not pleasing in your sight.

Help the godly foundation we teach them, to be first in their minds and hearts as they make choices.

That as they get older, we would effectively teach and show them by example, to live their lives for God and His will for their lives.

I pray for their bodies and their health.

That You would keep their immune systems strong and protect them from illnesses and anything that would cause them harm or hurt.

I pray that our children would be a light in the world, and in their school.

That they would always choose what love and kindness.

I pray that in this world of uncertainty, they would always stand on the Word of God.

That they would be brave enough to speak truth even when they feel they may be standing alone.

I pray that they would be excited every single day to learn something new and be focused on the task at hand.

I pray ,God, that you would send people to encourage them, uplift them, and motivate them to do their best everyday and that all they do would be glorifying to You.

Now for my heart.

Jesus, my heart aches today in a different kind of way than I have felt before. Part of me is excited for the ending of one season and beginning of another, and I also have cried today for the same reason. Yesterday almost seemed harder though. Trying to prepare my heart for this big first day, being more present, and saying Yes more, trying to hold onto a little more time with them. I need your strength, Lord. For today, for the days to come. I don’t know what each day will unfold, but  I do know and trust in you alone, Lord, that you hold it all, that you go before us, and I will take comfort in that and rest in Your presence.

Bring them home safely and help us as a family to enjoy each moment we share together, remind us that this life and this family you have given us is a blessing.

Help us to love each other the way you have called us to, and to embrace everyday together as the gift that it is.

In Your Name we pray, Jesus,


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