A Queen for Generations: Lexi Troyer’s Passion for Agriculture Moves her Toward a Future of Mentorship

Lexi Troyer’s reign as Tuscarawas County Fair Queen feels like an inevitability after getting to know her. While she may have been surprised on that evening of Sunday September 18th, 2022, the events of her life, work she put in, and plans for her future, all led to a much-deserved coronation.

Fair Lineage

Connections to the County Fair run deep in Lexi’s family. She and her brother, Chett Troyer, have participated in 4-H since early childhood, earning awards and developing a healthy competition. I’ve been told to ask about the Buckhorn Buckeyes 4-H Club officer election for President earlier this year, but I’m not sure I want to…

Lexi’s first memory of the fair is captured in a newspaper clipping of young Lexi riding on the carousel that hangs on her grandmother’s refrigerator. Next to it, hangs a clipping from the same newspaper of Tuscarawas County Fair Queen Lexi Troyer, published many years, and many memories later.

Young Lexi on the carousel



Lexi on the front page as Fair Queen






















A Time to Reminisce 

Lexi fondly remembers her childhood days, learning about agriculture and livestock while finding time for a mischievous prank or two. These pranks involved fishing line, fake spiders from the Dollar Store, and a well-spent dollar bill. The “shenanigans that took place in the Jr. Fair Dairy barn,” as Lexi recalls, resulted in weeks of laughter and a lifetime of memories.

While the past years found Lexi at the fair from sunrise to well-past sunset, busily competing, running crazy, and enjoying a bowl of beef and noodles after forgetting to eat lunch, this year will be a bit different. “It is a little more challenging to think about what I am looking forward to at this year’s fair as it will be a fair of many lasts for me,” she reflects.

Looking to the Future

Lexi admiring a herd of her family’s cattle.













Lexi will be attending The Ohio State University ATI this fall to major in Animal Science with a specialization in Animal Biosciences on a Pre-Veterinary career path. Her goal is to maintain a 3.8-4.0  GPA while also growing her involvement within agricultural clubs that are offered at ATI. That said, Lexi is certain that she won’t be able to participate in the fair as fully as in years past. In fact, she is preparing her current steer for that possibility.

“With college coming up this fall, the odds are pretty high that I will not be able to show him at our upcoming fair. That makes it my job to get him as experienced as I can, in the case that someone else needs to put a hand on his halter. It is important that I confidently feel that my steer is prepared and that person’s safety will not be in question.”

Lexi is also preparing to hand down her crown to the new Fair Queen. She has been busy planning the Queen Luncheon she will host at the end of the week to recognize the year she spent as Queen. She is excited for the luncheon but even more excited to guide younger generations, specifically girls, toward a passion for the agriculture industry as strong as hers. In part, she gets to do this as a brand representative for Wandering Maverick Boutique.

“Wandering Maverick Boutique has inspired me to be a confident woman in agriculture despite the many stereotypes that come with agriculture being a male-dominated industry. To be a woman in agriculture means to be bold, brave, and determined to never lose the desire in your heart to succeed in this industry.”

She, of course, also gets to do this through her role as Tuscarawas County Fair Queen and her plans to continue her involvement in 4-H. Lexi emphatically states,  “Without question I see the fair and 4-H program in my future. I was and am incredibly blessed to have been raised in the Tuscarawas County 4-H program. I look to come back as a buyer and support the next generation of youth in the same way that I was supported.”

From Mentee to Mentor

Lexi and her family


Just as Lexi was inspired by her parents, advisors, friends, family, Sr. fair board, and all the other helping hands behind the scenes, she wants to do the same for others. She will be “forever grateful” to her parents, Clint and Lisa, for proposing 4-H to her so many years ago. “It has truly been a life changing experience and I often wonder where I would be without it.”

Lexi encourages all young people to consider participating in 4-H and all eligible young ladies to run for Fair Queen. “The Queen coronation to kickoff the week has always been an event that I feel I could not miss. The thrill of the crowd once the queen had been crowned has always been one of my favorite feelings to experience as a young 4-Her. But, take it from me, it is an entirely different atmosphere when you are the one in the arena in a prom dress competing,” she reminisces. 

Just as Lexi’s newspaper photos have come full circle, so has her role in the Tuscarawas County Fair. She has grown from a mentee to mentor, ready to pass on her knowledge, enthusiasm, and crown to the next generation.  She will continue to pursue her passion in college and career, while supporting those who come next. For now, though, fair-goers can catch Lexi at her Queen Luncheon and, I hope, at the square dance on Saturday night, sipping on a fresh squeezed lemonade and spending some quality time with past, present and future generations of fair royalty.

Female agricultural enthusiasts can check out Wandering Maverick Boutique and get a 10% discount with Lexi’s code: LEXI10

Young ladies interested in participating in the Tuscarawas County Fair Queen competition can visit the Tuscarawas County Fair website for details and the application.


2022 Queen contestants

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