A Week of Meal Planning

Have you ever wondered what other families eat for meals? Have you felt stuck, wanting an easy meal plan idea? Look no further! Below is one week from the Robbins family dinner schedule! All the links are attached as I take no credit for the recipes. I did not create anything, simply gathered it together for my own ease!


Domingo– leftovers

Lunes– BBQ Chicken tostadas- Balsamic Carrots and Green Beans -Cilantro Rice

Martes– Pinto beans and chorizo- Caprese Salad-Tortilla chips

Miércoles– Mongolian Beef- Garlic Ranch Mashed Potatoes-Canned Veggie

Jueves– Pineapple Chicken Delight- Black Beans-Steamed Broccoli-Quinoa

Viernes– Korean Style Pork Chops-Roasted Arugula Salad


Sábado– Cilantro Drumsticks- Mediterranean Cauliflower-Mac ‘n Cheese


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