Attorney General Mike DeWine Announces Receipt of Federal Grant to Help Vulnerable Ohio Youth  


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that his office’s Crime Victim Services Section, in partnership with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, was awarded a grant to help at-risk Ohio children and youth.

The Office of Victims of Crime awarded the nearly $500,000 grant titled Vision 21: Linking Systems of Care Initiative.

The grant funds efforts by state and other organizations to improve identification and community response to child victims of violence. While various county and private agencies, organizations, and courts work to serve vulnerable children and families, funding from this grant creates an opportunity to bring these groups together to assess and improve the state’s response to this vulnerable population.

“Children deserve to grow up in safe, stable, and violence-free environments,” Attorney General DeWine said. “This grant ensures more vulnerable children and their families receive the help and support they need through a measurable and coordinated effort.”

“Ohio has excellent resources for children that often do not work together, so maximizing Ohio’s assets through quality collaboration will ensure effective and comprehensive services to child victims of violence,” said Nancy Neylon, executive director of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network.

The 15-month grant will assist agencies in developing methods to better identify child victims, access existing services, and improve links to resources. In addition, a working group will develop a statewide training plan and, ultimately, issue a statewide report with findings and recommendations for long-term implementation of the plan.

State leaders also plan to work on a resource survey and directory for service providers, create an online screening tool for service professionals to assess client’s needs, and develop statewide training for both the survey and online tool, incorporating training on child victimization, safety, trauma, healing, and recovery.

Press Release issued by the office of Ohio Attorney General, Mike Dewine.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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