Bids open for state contract to care for high needs children through new program

(Ohio) – CareSource is throwing its hat into the ring amid the formation of a new venture called Kids’ Care Alliance.

The Dayton-based insurance company is teaming up with Ohio Children’s Alliance, which is a statewide network made up of community agencies that serve children and families. The organizations are working together to form Kids’ Care Alliance, which is a stand-alone organization preparing to submit a bid for the state contract with the OhioRISE program.

OhioRISE is a spin-off of Ohio Medicaid and will coordinate the care of children specifically with complex behavioral health needs. Bids are currently being accepted with insurers that would manage the claims and help care for the children. It is estimated that the program will coordinate care for around 60,000 children and young adults and is designed to cover mental and behavioral health care that previously may not have been covered. Additionally, it will help coordinate a variety of programs such as juvenile justice and corrections, developmental disabilities, mental health and addiction, child protection, education, and more.

Children that would be eligible for the program would often face a number of adverse experiences such as foster care placement, struggles with substance use disorders, or developmental disailities. The OhioRISE program is part of a healthcare overhaul announced by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and Governor Mike DeWine’s administration.

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