Celebrating AMAZING Moms-Newsymom Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Becky Hart has been nominated as an AMAZING mom!

“There’s too many people always coming up to me and asking, “What’s your mom doing now?” For the seconds turned countless hours I’m stopped in public, it’s worth it if I’m talking about my mom. She has worked as a pretzel roller to a photographer to a weight loss coach and everything in between. Queen Midas might be a good alias for her if I had to choose, everything her heart touches turns to gold. Selfishness, intelligence and an amount of unconditional love that I hope to have just half of as a mother myself. She has put her husband through college, been a supportive figure for my brother during a dark time in his life, and she has been the anchor for my sister and I through our entire lives. Now, she has become such a cherished grandmother for my two beautiful daughters and she continues to better herself each and every day, teaching us that learning is the most valuable thing in one’s lifetime. Though, in all honesty, she needs no recognition or pats on her back to keep her strong and motivated. She lives as the greatest role model I could possibly imagine, and she makes it look easy. I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!” -Hannah

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