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Amy Jo Ellwood has been nominated as an AMAZING mom! “Growing up with our amazing Mom hasn’t always been like this picture, which is now a favorite moment of mine that was captured. She fought hard to get our family to this point.”

“I’m talking knuckles down, digging in the dirt, uphill.

She is strong-willed, strong-minded and simply the word “strong”. She has handled a lot of hard losses in life. Including her own infant son. She never wavered in her faith during these times. She embraced God’s plan for her verses turning her back on Him when life’s chapters seemed dark. She is God fearing and given the chance, she’ll do some preaching to you….ha!

A military wife. How can you not wrap your arms around a woman that has hit her knees every night for God to protect her husband and give her the strength to keep her family unaware of her fear?  We NEVER knew just how truly worried Mom was while my Dad was serving our country. She only exhibited how proud she was to be married to a man who was fighting for our country. She did everything she could to distract us and keep us preoccupied while our Dad was away. Her focus was never on herself. She was everything a military wife should be…STRONG, loyal, brave and proud.

While raising two daughters, she dealt with what most mothers have to “suffer” through…
Breakups, bullying, self-esteem issues, etc and etc. She mostly gave it to us straight. Although, there were times she could read the vulnerability on our faces and know that it was time to quiet the situation with grace and a special touch of softness. Man, I remember those harsh conversations. But, I am a better woman for those. She hated to “butter” it for us. To this day, as a 32yr old wife and mother…I can cringe when Mom gives it to me in her “Ame-Dawg” way. As always, I walk away from our conversations with better knowledge, tougher skin and a reboot of self-confidence. It may have taken a round-a-bout to gain all of that but, she always closes her case amazingly.

She was a stay at home Mom and even babysat for others. Then, she went to work once we hit middle/high school. I was always so thankful for her raising us. Those years meant so much to me. She now works for a wonderful real estate company, in which she busts her butt for everyone. She continues her role of helping others to this day. Now with two grandchildren, she has stepped up to help ease my husband and I’s burdening whenever a night out seems refreshing. You see, she never stops to take time for herself…(except for those “girl vacations” she takes every other year with her well deserving friends).

Although this may seem like the never-ending tale of Amy Jo…I still feel as if I’m doing an injustice to her. She’s my best friend, my rock, my straight shooter, my feather to fall on, my Mom. I love you, Mom.” -Mallory

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