Childcare providers are needed and the opportunities are endless!

(Ohio) – When children are well cared for and their parents have the opportunity to use work or school, families thrive and communities prosper.

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Childcare providers are a foundational piece in making all of that possible. Brighter futures for everyone begin with partnerships that pave the way for all to achieve success.

While the benefits of becoming a child care provider vary from person-to-person, there are many!

  1. The kids! Imagine having the opportunity to spend the day with creative, imaginative children who are happy to see you! 
  2. Your job is meaningful and you are making a difference. Not only is part of your job playing and acting silly, but you are making an impact in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Each stage of learning brings children another step closer to becoming who they were meant to be. 
  3. Days are not routine. No two days are alike as a childcare provider. Each day brings new areas of opportunity, laughs, learning experiences, and memories. 
  4. The pride and satisfaction of helping other families. Childcare providers are essential. Without them, parents would not have the opportunity to go to work to provide for their families or to pursue an education. 
  5. Your job will always be in-demand!

There are options when determining what kind of childcare provider you would like to be.

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Child Care Centers – Are locations that offer care to seven or more children at one time.

Family Child Care Providers (formerly Type A and Type B Home providers) –

Type A Home providers can care for 7-12 children at one time, however, each staff member can care for no more than six children at one time (and no more than three children under age two).

Type B Home providers can care for no more than 6 children at one time (and no more than 3 children under age 2). Children under 6 years of age-related to the provider (including the provider’s own children) and residents of the home must be included in total group size.

And as an added incentive, coad4kids is reminding those interested in becoming childcare providers that limited funding is still available to help them achieve that goal! Whether you are interested in opening a childcare center or opening a childcare program in your home, you can receive financial assistance to make it possible. The funding can assist with startup costs, materials, and other items that will support a new childcare provider in their new career! The funding is only available through December 31st, 20201

Contact coad4kids today for more information.

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