Children of Mothers with Depression More Likely to Develop Depression Themselves

(U.S.) – Researchers say children of mothers who experience depression are more likely to develop depression as they get older.

According to a recent study by researchers in the United Kingdom and North America published in JAMA Network Open, children of mothers who experienced perinatal depression have a 70% higher risk of developing depression in adolescence and adulthood.

Researchers examined data collected from nearly 16,000 mother-child dyads. The children were ages 12 and older. According to the study, female adolescents were found to have a 6% higher risk of depression compared to males whose mothers experienced perinatal depression.

But, what is perinatal depression? 

It refers to a depressive episode during pregnancy (antenatal depression) or within 12 months after pregnancy (postnatal depression). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the mode disorder can range from mild to severe and is treatable.

Researchers indicate additional research is needed that looks at the mechanisms of depression risk transmission and assessments of postinterventional risk reduction. They noted this research could pave the way for new strategies that reduce risks of depressive disorders during pregnancy.




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