Chronicles of the ‘RonaCoaster’

Hey there mommas it’s been sometime since I last checked in and quite frankly I feel like things have been nothing short of a momfession/AFV eposide/Tik Tok.

Just like many of you I’ve been riding the ‘RonaCoaster’ and I’m tired! Like I wanna get off this ride and just throw up already lol…

I’ve been trying to rid myself of mom guilt from the last few months of school, where I was holding them accountable and getting them ready for their next level of responsibility. And then from the summer months because there’s not much to do, we’re all sick and tired of each other and simple put all need to just sit in a corner and think about our behavior. And nope I don’t wanna even talk about the school year!

I’ve been super stressed and a complete T-Rex roaring mom because everyone’s ears are off and simple tones don’t seem to communicate my points of urgency. I mean why doesn’t everyone else care about the water bottle tops in the living room or that the dry towel in the bathroom is soaking wet? OR WHY DOES EVERYBODY LOSE THEIR STINKING MASKS lol… (we eventually find them but whew I’m tired of mask hunts, but that’s endless of course) I guess I’m the only one lol… Most days I feel guilty for getting on them because I wanna come home and be nonchalant about everything. but that pressure is a little draining.

Anyhow amiss all the video games, barbie youtube and Disney+ we’ve managed to have 3 family fashion shows, added new family dinner games (Thanks TikTok) , lots of exercise and even a karaoke night. Juggling all these little emotions and changing people is still leaving me questioning whether I am doing the right things as a mom or not.

However I realized in all this madness, that I am truly not doing anything right until I am doing right by myself. With a little change to my eating habits and a whole lot of exercise, I can feel a difference in my mental state, I can feel myself thinking through things, still questioning things at times but not wanting to ever stay the same. My hope is that when you read this,  you can identify with something and recognize the most important fragment in this momfession is “But not wanting to ever stay the same“. That right there can change your life. Recognizing that no matter what this RonaCoaster brings us, it WILL lead us to a voluntary place where we have the choice (to change or stay the same). I realized my mom guilt was a choice. The matters that make up my heart-love, hope, compassion etc. never change. My heart and desire as a mother to know my children, love them the way that Christ loves them and to see them excel spiritually, mentally and emotionally will NEVER change. However I should not and will not feel guilty for teaching them responsibility, correcting them or being consistent.

Suddenly a light bulb turned on! I needed that for me too! I needed to manage my responsibilities, I needed to receive some correction for some of the negativity I had opened the door for, and I needed to be consistent. All the things I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing with my kids, I needed it too! All the things I wanted to not feel guilty about only made me feel guilty because I wasn’t active practicing them within or for myself. So while I never wanted to stay the same, I needed to apply something in my life and it started with how I had been treating myself. The light  bulb showed me neglecting myself and my own lessons does not make me love others (kids or significant others) more it just prolongs the time in which I can truly be present in love and how much love I have to give.  It’s amazing what we can learn when we ‘practice what we preach’ to our kids. It’s amazing what they can teach us if we slow down a bit.

Try it! I dare you, think of something that you have been repeating over and over and over again to the kids, and apply it in your life! Like when all the kids are in an uproar and everyone is talking over on another and everyone is getting upset because they are being talked over-I usually yell something like this “EVERYBODY TAKE A DEEP BREATHE, and CATCH A BUBBLE!”

How does that apply in my life: Perfect example work can feel like that exact scenario at times, so before I get upset about something, or reply to an email or voice my opinion, I say take a deep breathe and catch a bubble. A moment where some silence can bring me some peace and clarity of thought. lol… try it ya’ll I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. lol..

Be blessed mommas, may God grant you the eyes to see and ears to hear what He is doing in your life and what He is desiring for you to learn. May you reflect on what you’ve been giving and give something to yourself. May faith, hope and love abound in your week!

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