Citizens for racial justice announce unique story walk opportunity in Dover

(Dover, Ohio) –  local nonpartisan group Citizens for Racial Justice and Reform is encouraging the community to take a walk around the pond at Dover City Park during Black History Month to read the book “Before She was Harriet” by Lesa Cline-Ransome.

Families can bring their children to the Dover Public Library’s StoryWalk for this safe and educational activity for the entire month of February.

Author Lesa Cline-Ransome describes Tubman as, “a wisp of a woman with the courage of a lion” who spent her life in great peril but remained dedicated to helping others. Because of this lifelong courage and compassion, her legacy lives on even today. The hope is that residents of Tuscarawas County will be inspired by what Harriet Tubman achieved in the face of impossible danger and adversity. Citizens for Racial Justice and Reform – Tuscarawas County envisions, “A Tuscarawas County where all residents are free to reach their fullest potential in racially equitable and empowering spaces.”

The library’s StoryWalk is a fun and innovative way for people of all ages to exercise their bodies and minds in a peaceful park setting. As you walk counter-clockwise around the pond, you will come to posts that contain two-page spreads of the book. By the time you have come full circle, you will have read the book in its entirety. “Before She was Harriet” will be on display in the StoryWalk through at least the end of February.

Adults are encouraged to engage with their children by asking these questions after completing the StoryWalk:

  • Harriet Tubman did a lot of amazing things in her life. Which part of her life do you think required the most courage?
  • Which one do you think was the hardest for her?
  • Which one do you think she was the proudest of?
  • If Harriet Tubman were alive today, what kind of work do you think she would be doing?
  • Why do you think Tubman changed her name from Araminta to Harriet?

If you would like to participate thoughtfully in the discussion of racial justice in Tuscarawas County, find Citizens for Racial Justice and Reform – Tuscarawas County on Facebook or @citizensforracialjusticetco on Instagram.


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