Claymont Teachers Remain on Leave After Alleged Conduct Violating Policy

(Uhrichsville, Ohio) – Allegations against a group of teachers within the Claymont City School District continue to make their way across the community.

Earlier this month the school district issued a press release to confirm district employees had been relieved “of their duties with pay pending the outcome of an investigation into conduct violation of Board Policy.”

Officials add in that press release that “the action was necessary to facilitate a swift and thorough investigation into complaints that came to the Board that the teachers have engaged in a pattern of exchanging inappropriate text messages during the school day.”

Board members have met on multiple occasions in special sessions to discuss the matter.

On Tuesday, October 24th the school district announced a school board meeting for that same day via Facebook to address the allegations:

Claymont Meeting.png

The community continues to express concern via social media as a post has gone viral allegedly indicating comments made by the accused group of staff members. Allegations in this post have not been proven accurate, but highlight extremely offensive comments and even threats made against students, parents and fellow staff members.

In a call to the Claymont City School district, our news team was notified that Superintendent Scott Golec, has recused himself from the situation. Recusal often occurs when an official has a conflict of interest in a specific situation. We spoke with district Treasurer, Kim Beckley who is handling communication-related to the ongoing investigation. “The investigation is still ongoing,” she said. “We plan to issue another press release when there is more information.” 

Additionally, the Newsymom team has left a message with Donna Andrew, the attorney with the law firm of Pepple & Waggoner in Cleveland who is reportedly representing the Claymont City School Board.

We have made an effort to reach the school employees facing these accusations so to offer an opportunity for them to share their side of the story. We have not been in direct contact with any of them.


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8 thoughts on “Claymont Teachers Remain on Leave After Alleged Conduct Violating Policy”

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  2. As someone who was a Claymont student (class of 14), I can attest to how awful the staff members are. Their anti-bullying policy is a complete lie. If you weren’t an athlete, you were a nobody. From experience I know they sweep sexual harassment under the rug and let the misfit kids get tortured. I ended up having to leave my sophomore year thanks to the teachers, principal, and school board not doing anything about what was happening. Claymont was and always be a joke, and I will never send my kids there when I become a parent.

  3. Pathetic lets make excuses for the teachers that are doing wrong. I recall on October 1,2018 claymont highschool just had a thing for anti-bullying here you have the teachers doing it. This is why there is so many children commiting sucide its not kids bullying kids its teachers, parents and etc. This is where the community needs to stand up for these kids and i will be standing up for these kids as i am a mother of 3 beautiful boys and there will be no way my kids will have to endure being bullied by anyone

  4. What do you people expect…two things here…first, there is no vetting process to become a teacher…take a test…get your license…and parents just drop off their kids with people they don’t even know…their values, their beliefs…for 1/3 of the day…secondly, a pissed off ex spouse gets access to these private messages and posts them, teachers potentially lose their job? I guess the lesson is the old one. Don’t post it…but losing their jobs is typical in today’s educational climate…

    1. This dudes nuts. I know several people going through and people who have already went through school for 4 years and have Ahmad at least 2 background checks done. Whoever wrote this is extremely ignorant.

  5. Scott Golec is the step father of Rochelle Seibert (teacher being investigated). Darcie Apple (investigated teacher) is in a relationship with Zach Golec (Scott’s child). The rest of the women work closely together. Alas that is where the conflict of interest comes in. 🙂

  6. Wow it is really sad that you have kids bullying but now you have teacher. These bkids will be impacted by this and i really cant beleave these teacher i do beleave they need to be hone and why are they getting paid .for this .

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