Company Donates Air and Heating Units to BCC Program

Buckeye Career Center students now have two new heating and cooling units to aid in their education thanks to Refrigeration Sales Corp.

The units were donated to BCC’s Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration lab earlier this month.

The furnace retails for $4,000 including installation and the air conditioning unit retails for $3,500 including installation. Jim Price and Diane Clark with Refrigeration Sales were on hand at the school Friday to demonstrate how to operate and maintain the units.

“Refrigeration Sales values the continuing education of young students and we are so grateful they let us donate. The students were working on the furnace today, learning some combustion analysis and heat exchanger tips and things they will be utilizing in the field,” said Clark.

The donation also included a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. HVAC-R instructor, Mr. Matt McGraw is thrilled to receive support from a business he dealt with prior to becoming the HVAC-R instructor at BCC this year.

“I’m extremely grateful. It gives them (students) the ability to work on something new. The things that were in here were older and outdated. For them to see things that are up and coming in the industry, things that they’re going to go out and see when they get jobs, it’s extremely beneficial,” said McGraw.

Simpson Heating and Cooling also participated in the joint training event.


Photo: From left to right: Chad Simpson, Jim Price, Diane Clark and Matt McGraw.

Michaela Madison Reporting


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