COVID Connections – A way for families to connect

Are the kids starting to get stir crazy? Have they decided to fire the teacher, or ask for a sub for the day?

COVID Connections is brought to you by the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition.

One thing that parents and grandparents have figured out when trying to get the kids to do their homework is that it goes more smoothly when there is a fun incentive after the work is finished.

Today, the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition is sharing a few activities that not only your child can do independently, but that the whole family can do together.

Activity #1

Imagination Clouds


Blanket, pillows, clear blue sky, lots of moving clouds.


Take your blanket and pillow out into the back yard and lay them out onto the grass. Lay on your blanket and look into the clouds. See who can make figures out of the moving clouds.


Activity #2

Picnic Lunch


Basket, old sheet or blanket, chips, vegetables, sandwiches.


This is the best part of a picnic lunch, you can let the kids help or you can surprise them with what’s in the basket.

Gather the kids, your food, and blanket, and you can either find a nice little place in your backyard, or you can go for a walk and find a place to relax and eat. Let your imagination run wild and just enjoy a nice lunch outdoors.


Activity #3

Homemade Kite


Old newspaper or any paper will work, wooden skewer, drinkin’ straws or even twigs, kite string, ribbon, scissors or hole punch, tape.


  1. Figure out the size you would like your kite and cut your paper.
  2. Fold your paper in half, then mark a point from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right.
  3. Fold your paper down along the line.
  4. Flip your paper over and fold the other side the same way and tape each side down.
  5. Put your wooden skewer or twigs across the paper and tape it to the paper. make sure the tape holds the stick.
  6. Add your favorite ribbon as the tail.
  7. Take it outside and enjoy!

For youth prevention information be sure to visit the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition online.

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