Crying Over Spilled Milk

One for my breastfeeding mommas out there!

Picture this…you’re 6 weeks postpartum, you’ve been attempting to pump in between feeding baby every two hours and your breast pump doesn’t seem to be cooperating. You’ve been racking your brain: is it, in fact, the pump, am I not producing enough milk? And then you jump to the next “rational” thought…my child is going to starve !!! Now, imagine that moment when you’ve FINALLY expressed more than 1.5 ounces in the time you’ve spent a prisoner to a plastic cup stuck to your boob. And that’s about when the inevitable happens…

Wahhhhhhh! Baby is up…that planned hour long nap turned into just 30 minutes. You jump up and your world is shattered.

The new bags you just bought because they were a little cheaper…failed you. You just lost nearly an ounce right there on your lap. Now, your hard work is soaking into your shirt, your baby is crying…and frankly, so are you.

Breath momma. Remember that you are strong and this is just a hiccup. (Although those things can be your worst nightmare. See “Baby Hiccups ARE NOT cute!”). You may be thinking that the world is against you right about now. Right, when something goes right…it goes horribly wrong.

Just step away from the pump…and walk slowly into the room with the screaming tiny person. Take a deep breath and watch that baby’s mood change as soon as she sees your face. The pump and your boobs will still be there, moments like this…won’t be.




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