Dear healthcare workers, first responders, delivery drivers, and others – thank you for allowing me to be scared

We know you’re scared too and yet each day as the rest of us run away, you run towards. We escape potential harm and you subject yourself to it. Every. Singe. Day.

Dear healthcare workers – I want to thank you for ensuring that the rest of us have peace of mind in knowing you’re still there should we become sick. I want you to know how much you are appreciated, how much you are valued… While the rest of us shelter our children, stock up on supplies, and lock ourselves away from the world, you are the ones keeping it going. You are the ones exposing yourself to danger and the potential to directly come into contact with the one thing everyone around the world fears. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear first responders – I want to thank you for continuing to do what you do every day…health pandemic or not. When the rest of us are running away from danger you run towards it. To the paramedics, police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, dispatchers and anyone else on the front lines. While the rest of the world escapes into hiding you leave your family and safety each day to keep order, to ensure that should the rest of us experience an emergency…help still comes. You are valued. You are appreciated. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear military – Running into danger is also no stranger to you. It is in the first line of your job description. You experience situations many could see only existing in movies. You live in a present world that is later only learned about in history books. In a time when families around the world are being forced to spend time together…forced to reconnect…and forced to be under the same roof, you are called to leave. While the rest of us are being mandated to stay home…I want you to know that I understand that is something you and your family dreams of and yearns for. You are appreciated. You are valued. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear top political officials – Democrats, Republicans, Independents…I don’t care. There are a million + opinions around the globe about what’s happening right now. When it comes to politics…NO ONE is shy about how they feel or about criticizing those who knowingly put themselves out there to be criticized. You are searching, brainstorming, conversing…you are trying. You are losing sleep and being creative and using your role and your platform to try and help us. You are holding press conferences…you are reviewing statistics and reading reports. You are crunching numbers…seeking resources…and putting words to paper that could become legislation to aid Americans and help us through this. You are appreciated. You are valued. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear media – Without you…the world would be clueless. I appreciate that when everything is closed in order to protect the health and safety of the public, you have to brave that danger in order to tell people not to. Someone has to keep the world informed. Someone has to share information and gather updates and let everyone know the best practices and how to respond. A press conference is merely a private conversation behind closed doors for only the eyes and ears in the room…unless you are there. You keep the world connected. You are valued. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear delivery drivers – Empty shelves, fights in aisles, panic over the most basic supplies. Because of you…shelves don’t stay empty. Because of you…we can simply walk down an aisle and grab what we need. Long hours, many miles, and countless stops. You are appreciated. You are valued. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear grocery store workers – Even when you may be stocked up at home, your family bunkered down…you know that isn’t the case for everyone. You know that food shortage, a need for first aid supplies, and other basic necessities…is real life. You subject yourself to contact with complete strangers. Each day you get up and trust that those you meet are taking all of this seriously. You put your trust in the general public and your coworkers and despite the potential of harm, you make sure you are there so the rest of us can panic and buy in bulk. You are appreciated. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear schools and teachers – You are changing the way you do your job to fit a chaotic world. You are researching and creating materials that we as unprepared parents and guardians can utilize to ensure our children are not cheated out of their education. You are making calls and caravan visits through neighborhoods just to see the faces of those absent from your classrooms.  You are dedicated to ensuring our kids continue to have a routine…something they need to thrive. You are appreciated. You are valued. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Dear volunteers – You may have had a free pass. You may have been like the rest of us and been able to shut off the world. Yet you felt a call to help…a call to make a difference…and you listened. You are spending your money…your time…and risking your safety to deliver supplies, buy food for others, and more. You are valued. You are appreciated. YOU ARE MY HERO.

And to every single one of you…mentioned here or not…we will get through this because of YOU. Your sacrifices, your heart, and compassion, your dedication…none of it is unnoticed or unappreciated.


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