Denver Gallentine – Candidate for New Philadelphia City School Board of Education

A Carrolton High School graduate and New Philadelphia resident is one of four candidates looking for voter support in the New Philadelphia City School Board of Education race.

Gallentine attended Kent State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Education before receiving a Master’s Degree from the University of Akron.

He is now retired after teaching 35 years in the New Philadelphia City School district, serving as a teacher, principal and head of district testing.

In 2007 Galentine was named a Master Teacher by the state of Ohio.

His wife is a retired speech therapist for the Indian Valley Local School District and he is the father of two children who are both teachers.

Gallentine ran for a seat on the board once before but was beat out by roughly 400 votes.

“They were good guys so it wasn’t like a bad thing, but it was a little disappointing.”

 He noted that giving back to the community has been his campaign promise and he is dedicated to serving with that in mind every day if elected.

“I feel I have something to offer to the community,” said Gallentine. “Hopefully pay it back a little bit for all the great things they have done for myself and my family.”

And should he be named to the board, Gallentine detailed three goals he’d look to accomplish.

He’d like to bring an educational perspective to the decisions made by the Board of Education.

“Often the school board is made up of business people and that’s good because obviously, the fiscal aspect is important,” he explained. “But, schools are unique in that there is also the educational component and with my background, I think I can add that insight.”

Secondly, Gallentine explained he has a goal to improve the communication between the board office and the community.

“There’s a little tension going on presently in the community. It’s an excellent school district and good people working for it, but I think there’s just been a few slip-ups on the communications and not nearly the PR that could be done.”

The third issue top of mind for Gallentine is to improve communication and the working relationship between the board and the staff.

“The New Philadelphia Education Association has endorsed me because, hopefully in large part, because they feel they can trust me,” noted Galentine. “The fact that there is a good relationship I have with the teaching staff and the rest of the staff, having worked there for so long they know me. They can trust me and we can work together to continue the great tradition of the school district.”

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Janna Leeper

Donald Kemp – Incumbent. Did not return a call for comment. 

Joe Stephon – Did not return a call for comment. 

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