Diaper Relief! Ohio parents could soon see taxes eliminated on diapers and other baby products

According to the nonprofit, National Diaper Bank Network,Children require at least 50 diaper changes per week or 200 diaper changes per month. By reducing the sales tax, families can buy 2 additional diapers for every percentage point reduction in the sales tax for the same money they would have used to buy 200 diapers with tax.” Ohio is currently one of the 27 states that tax diaper sales; however that could soon change is proposed legislation passes.

Widespread, Bipartisan Support for Legislation

In his 2023 budget proposal, Governor Mike Dewine focused on supporting families through tax incentives, education policy and a new cabinet department focused on youth. One of these proposals included removing sales tax for diapers. 

In late May, both the House and the Senate passed bills that target sales tax on baby items.According to the Ohio Capital JournalSenate Bill 39, a bipartisan piece of legislation, would eliminate sales tax for certain baby products, like diapers, car seats, cribs, strollers, baby carriers and baby monitors. Ohio House Bill 118 would exempt some child care products from state sales and use tax, including diapers, car seats, crips, and strollers.

Cleveland.com reports that both Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio House have proposed budgets that would wipe away sales and use taxes on baby products, meaning the idea is likely to become law. 

Erin Ryan of the child advocacy organization Groundwork Ohio said, 

“Senate Bill 39 recognizes the basic, necessary role that everyday baby items, such as diapers, strollers, and car seats, play in raising a baby, while also providing additional financial savings during a time when families face immense expenses when preparing for and welcoming a new child into their lives,” she said.

Prospects Look Good

Legislatures and the Governor’s office are currently in the final stages of negotiation for the state budget. There is a good chance that the final budget, signed by Governor Dewine on June 30th will include some tax exemptions for diapers and baby products. Should these provisions not be included in the budget, lawmakers could vote on the individual bills. Given the bipartisan support for these measures, Ohio parents are likely to enjoy some baby product tax relief soon.


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