DIY Home Improvement Project – Brighten up your kitchen with pop in glass cabinets

Open and full of light seems to be the go-to design approach these days and you can achieve that with this great DIY!

This DIY Home Project comes to you in partnership with Novosel Real Estate.

If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen, but you’re not quite ready to take off your cabinet doors and completely go open, this project might be for you!

Choose a section of cabinets in your kitchen like those over the coffee bar, for example, and follow these steps! You can use LEXAN glass to replace the cabinet door panels, but the cabinet must have a frame around the panel in order for it to work.

    1. Remove the doors. First, you’ll want to take all of your doors down and put the hardware in a plastic bag. Be sure to label the doors and cabinets openings with painters’ tape so you know where to put everything back.
    2. Measure twice and cut once. Once you have the doors off you’ll want to carefully inspect them. Each door should have a tongue-and-groove joint. Measure the width of the groove inside the cabinet and then the depth of the groove on the cabinet.
    3. Lable the doors. Use a carpenter’s square to mark all the sides of the door from the inside of the frame and depth of the grooves.
    4. Next, you’ll use a circular saw (get help if needed) and cut depth to depth. Be sure to wear appropriate safety apparel and carefully cut the lines with the saw. You can use a clamp or something to secure the door to your workbench area.
    5.  Use a wood chisel to cut the corners free.
    6. Now you can remove the panel and measure the dimensions.
    7. Next, you need to cut the LEXAN glass by marking the dimensions of the plywood insert on LEXAN glass first. Then, you’ll use a plastic cutting knife or utility knife to score the glass halfway through and then snap it on the scored lines.
    8. You’ll need to apply silicone to the interior door frame.
    9. Insert the LEXAN glass and wipe off excess silicone and let it dry and rehang your doors.

Our inspiration for this article came from this HGTV article! Check it out for more details and pictures.

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