DIY Home Projects – Remove candle wax and re-purpose those decorative glass jars

It’s candle burning season and who doesn’t love the amazing warm scents of fall! But, after the candles have burned down, check out this DIY tip before you pitch the whole jar!

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Glass candles can warm up any space, but every candle in a glass jar reaches an end and you’re left with a quarter-inch of wax that’s unburnable and a glass jar with so much potential. Here’s a trick that will help you clean out those decorative glass jars and reuse them somewhere in your home! You’ll need two items, a freezer and knife.

  1. Tak your almost empty candle jars and place them in the freezer and let them sit there overnight.
  2. Take a knife and begin to cut into the wax, carefully.
  3. The wax should break out into clean pieces and any leftover residue can be removed with a little hot, soapy water.

Now, you can be creative with what you’d like to do with those glass jars.

  1. Plant a few succulents
  2. Secure twine around the top with hot glue, insert a battery-operated tea light and hang them.
  3. Use them for your own DIY Candles
  4. Paint and label them and use them as kitchen or office storage.
  5. Create your own farmhouse-inspired toothbrush holder.

Have fun, be safe and start re-purposing!



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