Dover Public Library adds new items to the Children’s’ Department

(2 Minute Read) Dover, Ohio –  The Dover Public Library is announcing that the children’s department is adding more things for their patrons. 

Busy Bags are being introduced to the public.  These clear backpacks contain books, worksheets such as coloring sheets or fun activities, toys, flashcards or games all related to one subject per bag.  These bags can be checked out for 1 week and are one per family. 
The themes available are pizza, fruits and veggies, germs, dentistry, weather, buddy bench and pet care.  The bags are not only fun for the kids but educational also. 
Another new service is the storywalk tracker being handed out by the children’s department.  The Storywalk is located at the Dover Pond at Dover Park.
A story is displayed each month around the perimeter of the pond.  Families can enjoy reading the different stories and now they can track each story they read.  There will be 1 story for each month December, January and February and 2 stories from March-November.
Patrons are asked to mark down each story they have read.  Once a month, after they have read the story(ies)they will bring the tracker to the library and the child(birth to 5th grade)will pick a prize from the treasure chest.  At the end of the year, if all stories were read, the child may pick a book in addition to the monthly prize.
“The storywalk is a fun family activity.” stated Director Jim Gill. Storywalk trackers are available now in the children’s department.

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