Dover Public Library announces new outreach initiatives

(5 Minute Read) Dover, Ohio – The administration and staff of the Dover Public Library take their mission very seriously: providing information and opportunities to people of all ages and from all backgrounds in Dover and throughout the Tuscarawas Valley.

True to this statement, and in an effort to make the library a more welcoming environment for people who may not be familiar with our library and who may think the language barrier is too difficult to manage, the library is pleased to announce three new opportunities and services for our Spanish-speaking neighbors in the area.

Maria Pilar Gonzalez Navarro, a native of Spain, is at the library every Monday and Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in order to offer bilingual assistance.  She reads letters and other correspondence written in English and translates it into Spanish. She helps people improve their language skills in both Spanish and English.  She also makes phone calls and fills out applications and other forms, such as car titles and school registration forms. This service is free of charge.

Sherrel Rieger, a retired Spanish teacher, offers notary services in Spanish. She is available every Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Rieger affirms, “I became a notary specifically so I could help our immigrant friends because some notaries are not comfortable in these situations because they need to be able to communicate with the person signing the document.” Rieger is also available to assist people with making copies and sending faxes. The notary service is also free of charge.

“Hora de Cuento” is a storytime designed for Spanish-speaking children from infancy to 5 years.  Storytime in Spanish takes place every Saturday morning at 10:00 in the Children’s Department. Most Saturdays, the storytellers are women who are familiar with the Hispanic community:  Sarah King, Liz Yoder, Kathia Lehman and Sherrel Rieger. On the third Saturday of the month, the Newsymom organization sponsors Sarah Robbins as the storyteller.

In addition to these new initiatives, the library continues to provide educational materials and information to everyone. There are language audio programs and a growing selection of books in Spanish in both the Children’s and the Adult Departments.  Several short story collections are written in parallel text, which means that the text is in Spanish on one side of the page and the text is in English on the opposite page. Our DVD collection is large and includes foreign language films.

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