Dream It, Achieve It, Vision Board Party

(Canton, Ohio) – A Local organization is inviting the public to the Dream it, Achieve It Vision Board Party! Sunday September 29th.

BeYOUtiful Weird LLC is hosting the party at the Belden Village Mall Starting at 3:00 pm until 5:00pm at center court.

A Vision Board Party is a party involving a group of people who are focused on reaching their goals in life creating a visual representation. Goal-setting event where you create a visualization of your goals. 
Usually people will bring their own poster  and magazines(at this party I’m providing the supplies) and then they’ll spend an hour or two flipping through the magazines to find images and quotes that they see that will fit the future that they desire for themselves.
If you could create your own life what would it look like?
By creating a visual you can manifest your vision to become a reality! Whether it’s getting good grades in school, starting a business or anything you want to happen in your future.
Let’s get excited about reaching our goals. Come experience this party! 
The event is for all ages and is completely free. All materials are provided. Bring a friend, tell a friend to tell a friend!
Register by contacting me. Its limited space. Text (234)805-6850 with your name and put “Let’s party!” or by email at Harriskeaunte@gmail.com.

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