Embracing the chaos during Christmas

I think as parents we can all agree on this.. Christmas time, the month of December is pretty chaotic. A good kind of chaotic if that makes sense..

We are always in a hustle and bustle around this time to try and make everything perfect for our kiddos. And we should right!? That’s our job as the parents. Making everything run smoothly even though they may be falling apart behind the scenes.This is definitely a magical time of the year! At least I think so and I’d love to keep that sense of magic going for my kids.

This season is full of traditions and memory making opportunities. Maybe at times a little too full! Can we all agree on that? But here we are trying to make the best of it for the little ones. I can remember certain traditions and things I did while growing up and it brings such joy looking back on those memories.  It’s a mission of mine as a parent to make those  joyful memories for my kids too and someday down the road, way way way down the road they will be able to share them with their families as well.

We always had the tradition of getting a real tree for Christmas. Going to the tree farm, getting bundled up, cutting it down ourselves,  the whole family Christmas tree experience. This year.. We bought a fake tree for inside. It was allot to take in.. breaking a tradition!? Is that even allowed!? I was definitely not a fan at first! But.. some pretty good points were made. We wouldn’t have the mess of pine needles! That in its self is a blessing in disguise. Walking on dry pine needles in your bare feet.. ouch! A tree in the house is always fun with animals in the house too! I know you fur mommas out there could relate to that one! We have a cat and a dog inside. And when I say dog.. I mean an almost 100lb lap dog, pure breed chocolate lab! So you could probably just imagine the mess that could come from a real tree. So good points made there, I admit. I’m sure the fake tree will grow on me and I’ll appreciate it more and more. I came across a post on Facebook about decorating an outside tree for the animals. Sounds like a cute idea.. Instead of getting rid of the real tree tradition, maybe we could just revamp that tradition and do this instead? We shall see.


Oh and don’t get me started on the gingerbread house! Do you make gingerbread houses every year with your kiddos? If you have any tips or tricks please share! We cheat and buy the DIY box from the craft store. You know the ones with the precooked hard as a rock gingerbread pieces and little to no decorations inside.. The kids were so excited to put it together and I was too at first.. until I realized I needed like 5 more hands, of my own of course, to hold it together. Our walls kept falling down and it was a hot mess. Icing and sugar coated my dinning room table.. not to mention the floor.. what a mess! But we embraced the mess and chaos and made it fun! And that’s all that matters. The kiddos had fun! The mess can always be easily cleaned up. Creating the memories with them is what matters most.


So while we are in the hustle and bustle mode of Christmas, the chaotic time of the year.. Let’s  not forget the real reason for the season. God sent his one and only Son into this world. The thing we need to realize here is that He didn’t send his Son into a perfect world or into a perfect family. He sent his Son into a broken world. And through the chaos He made all things perfect with His love. So don’t worry about the small stuff, the messes and chaotic times. Embrace the mess and cary on. You got this momma!

Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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