Have you ever just looked at your little one and started to cry because God gave you such an amazing gift, that you didn’t deserve?

That’s how I felt over the weekend looking at my girls. My emotions were running rampant, as my two-year-old blew out her third Birthday candle. I wanted to cry, but I was happy, but I was sad.

Emotions are a good thing, even though we don’t like to always feel them. Being sad about my baby getting older, but happy she is loved by so many, is a healthy beautiful girl, and wanting to cry because of both emotions is completely OK.

I think the conflicting emotions are because of our motherly instinct to want to see our children grow and progress in their life, but the sadness stems from the independence they’re gaining.

I know this is a good thing, but I’m allowed to feel how I feel. Emotions are healthy, and fundamental for human behavior. It’s OK to be “that mom “ Who takes the million pictures and post them on Facebook, cries at their first choir concert, and buys the tons of cookies for Girl Scouts. Accept your emotions, because your children are going to look at you and how your emotions are portrayed, and they need to know it’s acceptable to feel the way you feel. So I will smile with tears in my eyes while I look at my child’s third birthday pictures and accept that it’s OK.

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