Family Vacation

Hello dear readers!

My family recently took our first vacation since becoming a family of five.  We went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  If you know anything about Disney World, you probably know it is a busy place.  And, if you know anything about vacationing with small children, you know it’s never boring.

A memorable moment for me was when I convinced my two-year-old that the leash I borrowed from a friend was actually a bracelet made especially for her.  #momwin

Or the time when the same two-year-old, accidentally locked herself in the bathroom of our room, when she had to poop, and couldn’t get onto the potty.  Well, she pooped on the bathroom floor.  Don’t worry, she unlocked the door after that. #facepalm

I thoroughly enjoyed nursing my baby in the many lines we had to wait in.  Also, nursed him on rides.  How’s that for fast food?  

While we were at the parks, we ate a large Mexican meal and had this bright idea to ride a roller coaster after, not my best idea, but when you have fast passes, you just ride it.  Well, my six-year-old was tall enough, it was a single rider-type ride.  The ride starts out and she is yelling, having so much fun.  Then in about the middle, she goes silent.  Then I hear, “my belly hurts.”  Just so you know, I’m in the car behind her.  I talked her down the rest of the ride and I’m proud to report she did not vomit on me or on the ride.  #momwin

We didn’t have a dull, or quiet moment the whole week.  Disney World was exhausting and fun.  Maybe we won’t go again, though, until none of my children require a leash.



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