MOMFESSION: Faster than a Speeding…Baby?

“I can’t wait until she’s crawling.”

Yea…that’s what you say until you realize what that entails…

My boyfriend and I have a new term in our parent-language: “Back to the starting line.”

Sure, it isn’t fancy and it’s been said a million times before, but to us it means something a little different.

It means it’s [your] turn to chase the speeding baby who somehow managed to get from the far side of the living room to our bedroom and behind the door within what feels like a fraction of a second.

She’s given free roam over “everything the light touches.” But, for some reason…the shadows peak her interest.

Like Deja Vu, one of us constantly is forced to snag the little from whatever forbidden land she’s ended up in.

She’s cute… scooting across the floor giggling with a toothless smile. But, that thing known as productivity for us parents has essentially disappeared…or at least is delayed.

And in that case becomes procrastination, which really…is the opposite of productivity…right?

Anyway…Remi is my first LO and sure, I expected to chase around a small human and constantly have to say things like “no,” “don’t touch that,” “get away from there,” and “back over here.” But, the thing is…I thought I had at least until I had a toddler.

But nope, again motherhood surprises me and my 9-month-old (as of this coming Friday) has covered more square footage in her short 30 days of crawling than I have in the years I’ve lived here.


I can’t wait until she’s walking. =)




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