Featured Mompreneur: Loyla Louvis of Mothers in Training

This week, we are featuring mompreneur Loyla Louvis of Mothers in Training. We had the pleasure of learning more about what Loyla, a fellow Newsymom contributor, offers through her business, Mothers in Training.

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Meet Loyla Louvis of Mothers in Training

Parenting & Life Coach, Loyla Louvis, is a guide for moms who want to

experience joy while manifesting their family’s full potential. She does

this by tuning into the frustration of motherhood and customizing

solutions to better fit each unique child in the family.

Coach Loyla is triple certified with the American Association of

Christian Counselors and founder of Mothers In Training based out of Ohio.

She provides private sessions, workshops, parenting classes, and is a

columnist for The Montclair Local News. As a mother of four children,

experienced with single parenting, remarriage, home education, mentoring

and teaching, Loyla has compassion and understanding that personal

experience provides.


Resources for Local Moms

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How to Find Mothers in Training

Instagram: @empressofmotherhood

Website: mothersintraining.org

Courses & Workshops: www.gentleparentingsolutions.teachable.com/p/courses


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