Including You – Finding local support for adults with developmental disabilities

Adults with developmental disabilities have access to many organizations and agencies locally with a mission to support them.

Including You is brought to you by the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Local agency providers contribute a vast amount of support to these individuals ranging from day habilitation that focuses on employment training, cooking skills, art classes, and more to transportation and financial services. While the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities does not provide direct services to adults, the agency remains dedicated to helping these individuals with identifying support and services. The TuscBDD also provides a full directory of adult services.

Adults with developmental disabilities that are not currently linked with a local agency provider can reach out to their Service and Support Administrator (SSA) to learn more about the options available to them in Tuscarawas County. SSAs help guide individuals through the process of identifying which providers will offer them the services and supports they are seeking. SSAs even have the ability to take their clients on tours of the potential providers.

A common support found locally for adults with developmental disabilities is Employment Navigation. This service is offered through specialized SSAs who work primarily on helping people find community employment while also connecting them to the training they may need.

For more information on local support for adults with developmental disabilities, visit TuscBDD’s directory page.

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