Five Activities You Can Do To Bond With Your Foster Children

Five Activities You Can Do To Bond With Your Foster Children – One of the top things you can do to help support your foster children is providing them with the tools, opportunities, and support to help them process the trauma they’re going through. Find out how to bond with your foster children with these five activities right here on Newsymom!

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You’ve gone through the process of becoming a foster parent, got your home ready, and received your first placement call. Congratulations! However, when your foster children walk through the door, it’s likely going to be an overwhelming experience for them.

Whether you’re the first foster parent they’ve been to or the tenth, they’re carrying trauma with them, making it harder for them to attach and bond with you. We’ve got a few activities you can try to help them feel more comfortable and included in your home!

#1 – Decorate their bedroom with them.

Try to allow them a bedroom with a “blank slate” to put their own stamp on. Depending on what time your placement arrives, you can allow them the opportunity to decorate their room to fit their personality! If they have pictures with them, offer frames to display their favorite memories. Take them to get some decor for their room to tailor it to their likes. It can be as inexpensive as visiting the Dollar Tree or as intensive as a can of paint, some paint brushes, and a long weekend to splash the walls in their favorite colors!

#2 – Incorporate Family Date Night…

Make it a regular habit to have a dedicated family date night. Give the kids the freedom to write some suggestions on activities to do, and pull them out of the bucket!

#3 – …But Also Try One-on-One Nights.

Your foster children thrive more when they know that you value and care about them. Schedule regular time (once or twice a month at least) to take them out to their favorite activity. It could be as simple as going to breakfast or as complex as a day trip! Get creative!

#4 – Give them undivided attention, at the same time every night.

Even if they don’t take you up on it, reserve ten minutes to give them the space to talk to you about their day, share their struggles, and revel in their accomplishments. It feels good once they finally let you in their bubble! (Don’t sit on your phone; actively listen and be present.)

#5 – Explore your community together.

You may not even know that you have hidden gems in your community. Take the opportunity for all of your children to explore the scenes, history, and resources your community has to offer! Sign them up for a library card at the local library, get physical at your local YMCA, visit parks and attractions, and experience the most delicious foods from small business restaurants in your neighborhood. It truly takes a community to raise a child, so getting involved in yours is the perfect way to start!

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